Museum of Lost Art.

In Every Dream Home is a side-project that I do not have time to give as much love to as I would like. But, over the years, I have developed (often with Caroline Smith) some projects that are documented on these pages; The Shame Show, Walk of Shame, films curated for MK Gallery etc.

For each project that was realised there were many more that never got beyond the incubation stage, were turned down for funding or simply languished in the realms of a daydream. To give them a second life I will recapture these as imaginary projects that I document as if they had existed in their full glory.

Here, in the Museum of Lost Art, I will present the projects that never were, the forgotten fancies, the lost dreams, the fanciful daydreams, the abandoned projects. Maybe, one day, one of these will be realised. Who knows? But, in the meantime, blow away the cobwebs on this archive and enter the Museum of Lost Art.