The Salivation Army

The story of revolutionary queer punk zine available on Vimeo. This underground-styled short can trace its lineage from the early 8mm works of Derek Jarman through the sex-magick videos of Psychic TV both visually and thematically. Narrator, Scott Treleaven, tells the story of the Salivation Army zine produced by a group of queer punks, from […]

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Putti’s Pudding

Cookie Mueller’s book Walking Through Clear Water In A Pool Painted Black is one of those books that made a massive impression on me when I read it and I still list it as one of my all time favourite books.  Her reputation, and not just for her appearances in John Waters’ films, continues to grow as more people […]

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Walk of Shame

Mertle Merman and Cardinal Paul descended on Tate Britain to ‘do the arts’ and do them they did! The Walk of Shame explored the concept of shame in art, from the hidden shame of some of the artists to the collective shame of nations. Along the way Mertle channeled Victorian actress and eternal muse, Lady […]

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